3D Cars: Inside And Out

by CG Masters in Training

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  • yoba the master
    11 months ago

    The best hard surface modeling course! I really like the way Chris teaches, he ALWAYS says what he does and why, every single click is explained! So nice to work with. Thank you!

  • navid Valizadeh
    11 months ago

    The best training course on car design and hard surface techniques that has never been taught in any other software and by any instructor other than himself.
    Chris Plush is very knowledgeable, experienced, professional and patient
    I am very happy to know him both as a colleague and as a teacher

  • Mike
    11 months ago

    I bought all of Chris's car modelling courses. All of them are top notch, this new one is no exception. It is nice to know how to model in Blender and put out a course, Chris is amazingly good in conveying information in a proper way, calm, clear, which makes this course easy to understand. He also explains why things are done. Get this gem of a course. It's a must buy. And thanks Lee Rosario for the amazing car design!

  • Sameh
    11 months ago

    Sure will be a great course, i enjoyed the last one and cant wait to start with the new!
    Thanks Chris for the great effort.

  • Antonio
    11 months ago

    Great course.

  • Wayne
    11 months ago

    3D Modelling ASMR. Insta-buy!
    You wont find a better course on making cars in Blender anywhere else. Chris is the undisputed Master and a great teacher!

  • caodungviet
    12 months ago


  • luca
    12 months ago

    Another great course by Chris

  • Cyber Kriss
    12 months ago

    The previous car course was truly a gold mine of tips and tricks (not even mentioning the gorgeous result) , and this one looks even better.
    I was wondering how one can make the car interiors (this was not taught in the Corvette course), and now my dream come true.

    The final render of the model had me buy this course as soon as I opened the link received in my mail.

    That's it, I bought it eyes closed... Because I know Chris will deliver another amazing training.

  • VenomDesign
    12 months ago

    Chris is THE go-to tutor for Blender courses. I took many of his courses. He knows how to clearly explain things in an engaging way. So, you won't get bored, though there's a lot to take in.
    This is also one of the few courses where the images REALLY show what you'll learn. I recommend this course to anyone who either wants to learn to work with Blender. But it's a must have for people who want to create cars in 3D.

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Published 12 months ago
Blender Version 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
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