3D Cars: Inside And Out

by CG Masters in Training

I've watched your past courses, is there anything new for me in this one?

Absolutely yes. For starters, there's a full interior in this course. It also has a lot of new modeling techniques that I've never taught before, and I've updated and perfected the main Guide Mesh technique, making it easier and better than ever. Beyond modeling, the car paint shader has also been significantly improved, and the final renders are far better than my past courses. So even if you've seen my past training, you're going to learn a lot of new stuff in this one.

Do I need any third party add-ons for this course?
No, everything in this course uses only native Blender tools and built-in add-ons. All you need is Blender.

Does this course have subtitles?

This course is in English and will include English subtitles when the course is complete. If you would like subtitles in a different language then email me and let me know. I plan on offering automatic translations for other languages as well.

When will the course content be completed?

All of the main content should be finished by the end of November. The English subtitles will be finished by the end of the year and the subtitle translations into other languages shortly after that.

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