3D Cars: Inside And Out

by CG Masters in Training

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  • Yazan Kawar
    7 months ago

    Fantastic course!! Great pace, attention to every detail, and a logical workflow. I learnt a lot of small things that made all the difference in the quality of my modeling... and it's a great looking car which keeps you driven to complete when you get tired. recommended

  • gal
    8 months ago


  • Maik - Maik
    8 months ago

    I'm not interested in modelling, but when I'm found a new tutorial by Chris, of course i bought it. Chris has a incredible skills to explain, and his experience with blender is incredible. I hope that Chris make also other tutorial with GN, simulation ect. There are a lot treacher on YT, but I never found someone like Chris to teach you Blender.

    9 months ago

    If like me you enjoy 3D modelling but find sometimes figuring out the next action makes your hair grey, Chris's latest course will help. I know my way around Blender, having started using it to create content for Second Life way back when in 2003 and still use it for 90 percent of virtual content to this day but nobody knows everything. Even if you are new to Blender and haven't done any 3D modelling before, this course and Chris's other courses will enable you to get great results. For seasoned modellers it could change the way you view mesh modelling through highly detailed explanations and reasoning which will hone your skills as it has mine and make mesh modelling fun. (Which let's face it, sometimes it it's not the best part of the process). From this course, and from Chris's previous tutorials, my mesh modelling results has gone from good to great. Over the years I watched thousands of YouTube vids by Blender artists. If like me you want to improve your modelling or render results this tutorial will help and it's better than anything I have come across on YouTube in all those years. And then there's the materials. Node wrangler? Node Master! The Corvette Stingray in Chris's previous car course rewrote my materials handbook. There are other examples of procedural materials out there but compared to the methodology and explanations Chris uses in his teaching they are hard to follow and the results aren't as good. I can't rate this tutorial highly enough. His attention to detail and precision will rub off and if you're stuck he's always on hand to help.

  • Dmitry Mozzherin
    9 months ago

    This is a fantastic course with very logical and thorough explanation of every step. Guided mesh approach to keep surfaces smooth is applied brilliantly.

  • vojtech
    10 months ago

    I haven't tried any other car modelling courses other than this one, so i can't do a direct comparison. But i have gone through quite a few courses/tutorials so far, both free and paid i gotta say that this course is definitely up there among the best.
    The course is well structured, the pacing and narration is easy to follow and it will take you through the entire process step by step so even less experienced blender users can follow along.
    One thing i have to highlight (that not many tutorials/courses offer), is the fact that Chris takes the extra time to explain why he does things and provide the reasoning and thought process behind each decision. And i can't stress enough how important that is for any course.
    And last, but not least, i have to praise the author for excellent support. If you get any problem along the way, just email him and you will get a quick and helpful response.
    He could charge twice the price and it would still be a steal for what you get.

  • Jeffrey Priest
    11 months ago

    Clear, concise and very well paced. I learned a ton of new techniques. I've done a lot of tutorials, but this one is by far the best. Worth every penny!

  • Ricardo
    11 months ago

    I just finished section 3, and I loved the extra content! The best car modeling course so far, Chris make modeling be fun and easy.

  • Matthieu Juguet
    11 months ago

    Probably the best course to learn automotive polygonal modeling, made by an experienced and reliable person. Truly a must have !

  • Blake
    11 months ago

    Not just a new car tutorial, but a solid upgrade and refinement on the guide mesh and shrink-wrap technique and wealth of smaller tips and tricks. Overall an excellent addition to previous training courses. Clearly presented and well paced.

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