Zen Sets V2.2.2

by Sergey Tyapkin in Addons

Zen Sets is an add-on for creating, managing, and visualizing native Vertex Groups, Face Maps and custom Zen Sets Groups based on Objects, Collections and Mesh Elements selection. Save the selection of Verts / Edges / Faces and Objects to bring it back whenever you want! Modify and display Groups by color in Viewport and UV Editor in a couple of clicks!

Main Features

  • Create and manage native Vertex Groups, Face Maps and custom Zen Sets Groups based on Objects, Collections and Mesh Elements selection.

  • Display System that helps display each Group and Collection by color in Viewport and UV Editor.

  • Multi Object support for all the Groups.

  • Import / Export between Vertex Groups, Face Maps and Vertex and Color Zen Sets Groups.

  • Sets and Parts Modes for Mesh Elements (Verts / Edges / Faces). Sets Mode (each Element can belong to different Groups) and Parts Mode (each Element belongs to only one Group).

  • Workspace Tool for fast switching between Zen Sets Groups. It also provides a simulation of Zbrush Polygroups behavior for Selecting and Hiding Groups in Parts Mode.

  • Auto Groups operator to create Groups automatically from Type, Object Data, Library, linked Faces, Materials, Seams, Sharps, UVs and Custom conditions.

  • Create Objects from Groups and Assign Materials to Groups operators.

  • Set Sculpt Mask operator to Isolate Groups or Selection in Sculpt Mode.

  • Create Modifier Mask operator from Vertex Groups.

  • Remove Vertex Groups values in a given range. Useful to remove vertices with 0 weight value.

  • Converting Сollections to Empty objects and back preserving hierarchy and objects positions.

  • Select Objects in the scene that contain Vertex Groups, Face Maps, Modifiers.

  • Rename Collection as Object, Objects as Collection and Sort Children Collections operators.

  • Batch Rename Collections and Vertex Groups.

  • Zen Sets API with examples. It allows to color areas of the mesh and see them in Viewport and UV Editor.

  • Quick Support on the Discord channel.

What's new in Zen Sets (v2.2)

Previous Updates

How to install Zen Sets

Documentation: https://zen-masters.github.io/Zen-Sets/

Support: https://discordapp.com/invite/wGpFeME

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