Storm Glass / Weather Glass

by Grant R. Brown in Models

Storm Glass

Bring a touch of elegance to your interior renders with this high-quality 3D model of a Storm Glass!

The asset consists of a glass container, liquid, and wooden base. I provide a mesh crystal base (lower poly) and a semi-procedural crystal generator that uses geometry nodes (higher poly). 

The glass vial is 10x10x20cm, whilst the wooden base is 11x11x2cm.  

This is a ready to use asset and will give best results if used with Cycles. As with all glass objects, it is recommended you use a high number of light ray bounces for best results. Suggested uses include adding interest to close-up interior and small product renders.  

Technical Info

  • Glass vial, liquid, and wooden base - Faces:  13,378
  • Procedural Crystals - Faces: Variable (>250,000)
  • Mesh Crystal - Faces: 111,216
  • UV unwrapped and textured wooden base
  • All objects and textures have unique meaningful names

Note: Whilst the model should work with all versions of Blender (including versions prior to v3.0), the procedural crystals rely on geometry nodes that were implemented only in Blender 3.4. 

Thanks for looking!