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  • Christer Andersén
    over 1 year ago

    Exactly what I was looking for. Works great! Thanks!

  • Craig Westlake
    about 3 years ago

    For $5, you can only expect so much from an addon, as usually most addons in this price range are mostly niche use cases. In this case it is the use of creating text.

    Like I mentioned, the addon itself is fairly simple and does what is advertised, however, there are 2 features within this addon that make it worth the buy, and then some. The ability to go through fonts without having to open the file explorer window every single time is by far the best part of this addon, allows the user to experiment much faster. And being able to hop into edit mode and still being able to change the font and character spacing is very nice as well.

    It's very close to 5 stars for me, only reason keeping it from 5 stars is the unnecessary camera button, because all it does is add a camera that keeps it aligned with the text, which is fine I guess, but something I haven't used once while using the addon. Also the lack of features keep it at 4 stars for me as well. I usually refrain from giving addons 5 stars unless they're adding features which previously weren't in blender and are actually useful, or it heavily refines my workflow, and although it does help my workflow a bit more, about 90% of the buttons used in the addon are in the same menu in vanilla blender.

    All in all, if you find yourself creating a lot of text within blender, you should get this addon.

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