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  • Wigglepixel
    about 1 year ago

    Supernice addon. This speeds up the workflow at lot! Thanks for making such great things!

  • benjamin phillips
    about 1 year ago

    There should be a half star option lol. Great add-on, but the instructions leave a lot to be desired. Once I realised I had watch the 3 instruction videos...a number of times, I got the hang of it. I'd prefer it if the 3 videos were condensed into a written manual. There needs to be better exposition on each of the functions and how to use these functions properly too. I'm still struggling with torque for example. Is the torque conceptually the same to an acceleration pedal? I see in the video, that the tutor is using EEVEE is there a reason for this? And does it mean that the add-on is supposed to work with EEVEE only. It works with Cycles mind U. Although it's a little buggy, memory problems I think. On saying all that, I've been using the add-on to animate some car chases and explosions, I've got a Kitt Knightrider model lol, and even though it's a little buggy the add-on - it works. I tried a free rigacar add-on as well, but this one works really well. Oh and multi wheels would be good.

  • Bob Watt
    over 1 year ago

    This is a great addon. Would like to see further development including selecting and setting up individual wheels (for vehicles that have small wheels in the front and large wheels at the back for vehicles such as dragsters etc). Multi wheel vehicles as well as articulated type vehicles. This is a tremendous start. keep it up and looking forward to updates.

  • Julien
    over 1 year ago

    Amazing addon, it makes car animation so easy and so nice !

  • Joshua Faupel
    almost 2 years ago

    This saves me so much time, Thank you!

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