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Click RigiCar Button to active it on the Car_Body mesh

The Car_Body mesh pivot and local axis have to be aligned to its symmetry axis

Clone button duplicate selected RigiCar (on release click, the new path curve is selected to grab it in another place)

Copy is to Copy/Paste settings from selected RigiCar to another or all in the scene

Wheel Axles Mode: 1x4 : 4 identical wheels, 2x2 : 2 different wheels (front axle and rear axle)

1 Setup:

Pick Car Front or Rear Wheel Mesh

The wheel mesh pivot and local axis have to be aligned to its symmetry axis, and must be RIGHT one:




Align Object Tool (car body or Wheels), but you can orient them alone just with simple transforms.

Adjust Wheels distances and size - It is possible to adjust the car body by only simple transform

Show Rig Anchor Bones

Tire Sinking

Select path curve and ground mesh collision


2 Animation:

Position on path curve of the Car (distance with the start of the curve)

Speed indication of the Car to Help for Animation

Bank factor value. It is multiplied with the speed of the car.

Bank correction due of the drift effect (in Advanced Animation)

Inertial motion factor due to acceleration (only visible when the car speed is changing)

Distance time in frame between rest pose and max of acceleration inertial motion

3 Advanced Animation:

Drift effect control

Torque and mode control

Jump control - 0 value means completely on ground and 1 value means completely on path curve

 4 Dampers:

Click Dampers button to activate it

Lock Dampers motion to only vertical axis

Dampers Spring motion control and its influence

5 Bake:

Bake motion Car to Keyframes (body and each wheel)


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