Pupa Animate Pro

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What is PUPA Animate Pro?

If you are looking for a tool to help you create a simple and fast workflow for rigging, applying, and customizing animations, or retargeting animations, this is for you. PuPa Animate Pro has been designed to be Userfriendly, fast, and Scalable for all your production needs. 

Tutorial: Getting Started tutorial

-Our animation library with over 1000+ animations and the ability to load your own animations from any source Rig.

-The animations can be automatically transferred to popular rigs like rigify, Auto rig, Human gen, and your custom rigs.

-the Retargeting feature also comes with a very user-friendly approach to retargeting your animation, which can then be stored as a preset to load your animations Automatically. and many more features like an animation layer, and animation filters, to customize your animations. etc........

here is a demo version. note this is based on the old 1.0 version. the most updated version is the 1.3 version https://www.mediafire.com/file/1nr481r4m6hheif/pUPA+Animate+Pro_Demo+Version.zip/file

Features Listed below

Rig Creator

Multi-Rig Support (Rigify, Auto-rig pro, and custom rigs )

Animation Preview and Animation Modifiers

A Very User-friendly Retargeter for any type of rig (with Presets)

Animation Library (1600+)

Apply Animation to Selected Bones

Rig Utilities 

And so much more... 

Pupa update 1.1 features

-Favorite your animation

-Animation library (icons and name matching accurately and now faster)

-bug animation applies anywhere on world space

-Tweak orientation (supports bone selection)

-Autorig is now more integrated

-more animations and categories added

-Ui clean up

Pupa update 1.3 features

-Smarter in informing the users on what to do

-Face Rig now supported

-Ui optimization and Cleanup

-New Animation system to further unify the re-targeter and Animation presets

-ships with lots of presets

-Auto Rig pro bug has been fixed

-The extend Animation function now applies the new animation on the new position

- Auto rig switch now supported 

-Re-targeter now save presets accurately

- new option when importing animation

-edit, rename, and update presets after re-targeting

-lots of bug fixes and code polishing

Sales 400+
Customer Ratings 13
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Published almost 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
License Creative Commons
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