Procedural Landscapes

by Kion in Surfacing

NOW AVAILABLE LANDSCAPES V2.2! (Go down to see changes)

  • Please Read the .text file provided in the downloads page.
  • Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this update is still in beta, so some bugs will be fixed before the final version of the update.

What's New?
- New Add-on Panel, so it's easier to change stuff, and desert and canyon texture.


  • This add-on only work in cycles.
  • Don't use in material preview currently. (if you do it will probably crash blender)

What does this add-on do?

The Procedural Landscapes add-on is an Cycles only Procedural landscape generator.
You can generate amazing landscapes with this add-on, and it's Procedural! so you can Customize the landscape however you want!

For More Info Please Read The Documentation for more about it.


  • 2K Textures
    2K Tiled textures are grate for close-up shots
    of your landscape. for the grass we combined
    both grass, rock, sand, and snow for you.
    You can also change the size of the texture
    under the "Landscape" tab in the "Settings"
    part of the add-on's main panel.

  • Realistic Water Shader
    Our add-on coms with a water shader packed
    with the add-on, You can adjust things like: the
    scale, detail, ripples and soon maybe water waves.
    this is also a node that you can use in
    your one projects.

  • Fully Procedural
    This Add-on Features a Fully Procedural
    Landscape system with settings. In the feature 
    this add-on will have compatibility 
    with Geometry Nodes!
  • Easy to use controls
    In the update v2.1, we added a settings tab in
    the add-on's main panel. Easy to use controls
    so it's easier to Customizes the landscape.

  • Upcoming Features
    Our add-on is amazing, and in the future it will
    have some amazing new features
    like: auroras, fog and more. some planes
    are in the table below.

  • Only with ONE Material
    The main objective with this add-on is to
    make a Fully Procedural Material that you can
    apply to a subdivided plane, as easy as possible,
    but as the add-on grew I decided that Making
    a "Import Landscape" Button with a plane with
    the material already applied, just to be easier

Trial Version

You can get A TRIAL Version To test the capability of you PC system (This is version 1 of this add-on)

Recommended Add-ons:

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Alt Tab Easy Fog (For Realistic Fog) 

Scatter/Botaniq (For Realistic Foliage Scattering) 



V1 - First Release/Version (Now The Trial Version).

V2.0 - New Landscape Designed with new textures (2K+) and new settings.

- V2.1 - New Add-on Panel, so it's easier to change stuff, and desert and canyon texture.

[CURRENT VERSION] V2.2.0 - Fixes and Improvements, Easy Volumetric Fog Scatter, Shift+A Control


- V2.3 - Fog Variation, Volumetric Clouds, Landscape Presets.

- V2.4 - Auroras, More Landscape Presets, and Improvements.

- V2.5 - Landscape Revamp/Maybe add waves to the water material

- V2.6 - Panel Revamp

- V2.6 - Asset Browser Compatibility

- V2.9 - Aurora & Fog/Cloud Control

Features (Current)

Landscapes Full
Blender 3.0+ Compatibility
✔️ ✔️
Eevee Compatibility
2K Textures
Add-on Panel
Snow, Grass Desert, Canyon Textures Only Grass and Snow
Volumetric Fog Planned
Volumetric Clouds
Landscape Presets Planned
Waves added to the Water Material Planned
Added HDRI To be Fixed
Water Ripples

Other add-ons:


- Street Assets

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Sales 10+
Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles
License GPL
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