Multify - Instance Expoter For Godot

by CELPEC in Addons

Multify is a Duplicator/Instance exporter for Godot,it can export scatter things or particle object to godot.Then you can instance it in Godot.Now it support instance duplicate in Godot,and it will support instance to multimesh in Godot soon.And this addon will continuely  update for new features. 

Features currently:

1, Duplicator/Instances in Blender can export to Godot,which has same  transform in Blender,so you can export Trees Grasses and more.

2, Support Blender Scatter Objects add-on,which is built-in Blender.

3, Instance in Godot Can be duplicated easy with GDScript of this addon.

4, export multiple Duplicator/Instances.

What will you get:

1, Blender addon which export Duplicator/Instances.

2,Godot script(GDScript) which duplicate the object.

3,Godot exporter Test Scene(Blender and Godot)

New Features are coming !

Plan Features:

1, Support Particle Objects export to Godot. 

2, Support Blender Duplicators(or may be collections).

3, Support choosing export as Duplicator or MultiMeshInstance.

4, Lod manager.

5, Geometry nodes instances support.

6 Godot 4.0 support.


v0.06 update:

bug fix:

1, fix set custom scale in GDScript node will not clear previous instance buff.

v0.05 update:

bug fix:

1, fix export particl data from some objects which have complex faces will get error location.

add feature:

1, GDScript now can convert instances to MultiMeshInstance,if you wanna show as MultiMeshInstance,just add a empy MultMeshInstance to Spatial,and add a MeshInstance which it's mesh you want to set to MultiMeshInstance.

2, GDScript now can control every scale of child instance,simply set "custom scale" on gdscript exports attribute.

v0.0.4 update:

add feature:

1, can set export names for each object or each particle system before exporting ,then you just need to set name of instance in Godot same as this custom Export name.

v0.0.3 update:

add feature: 

1, can export particle, select object with particle,and by default the export type will set to "Particle".

2, can select export type between "Particle" and "Face", "Particle" means export object's particle, "Face" means export object's every face's transform as instance(such as "Satter Objects addon" which is built-in Blender)

v0.0.2 update:

add feature: can export multiple duplicator.

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Published almost 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.83
License Creative Commons
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