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Kaboom is Blender addon to help you create spectacular destruction animations. In few steps you will produce some nice looking VFX.

please see UI explanations in the documentation page

1.5.5 Update:

  • New animated Blaster
            Directional Force and dynamic ranges Animables
  • Support KaFire addon

            KaFires are located scaled and rotated at each the Blaster location keyframes except the first and the last.

1.5 Update :

Debris and Smoke completely rewritten. Dynamic smoke behavior enhanced + impacts debris!

compatibility: from Blender 3.3.x (Linux,MacOS, Windows)

Models to be destroyed have to be manifold (a closed volume. For example Suzanne mesh is non manifold because the eyes are separated mesh islands). The addon uses boolean operations so this condition is strictly necessary.


You will fracture your model with simplified process. You can import your prefractured models too.


You know will animate the dynamics triggering. The process is try, adjust, try again etc... in realtime until you are satisfied with the result. You can create crumbling effect and explosions.


It s time to bake your dynamics animation to keyframe. One clic for all.


Basic fracturing give flat faces cut, which is necessary for dynamics simulation. We have build a tool to create convincing rough cuts to add realism to your animation. few settings you can adjust in real time


Particles debris are generated on each strong variation of accelerating parts only with a limit trigger parameter. This add a lot of details to your animation. Our default settings looks very good but you can customize everything. By default the particles mesh come from our collection but you can add your own meshes. To edit particles dynamics, simply select any of the debris particles system, customize the settings and hit DEPLOY button to apply your settings to all other debris particles systems. This workflow let you control with native blender functionalities so you don't have to learn a brand new process to use it.


One click for generating emitter smoke, another to create the smoke domain and here you go. Smoke is emitted with a threshold of acceleration variation, exploding and collision. Smoke can be emitted also during move of parts. Our default settings looks very nice. You can customize everything here too depending if you want smoke trails behind the chunks or a global smoke blast... You can edit Fluid settings then deploy to others in one click.

Bake your smoke cache and render!


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Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
License GPL
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