Bread Tools With Automatic Texture Maker

by Powdered Bread in Addons

How To Install

To install go to edit > preferences > add-ons then click the install button on the top right and chose the .zip file and it should install, you don't need to extract the files from the .zip file.  Then select the check box next to the plug-in name.

The bread panel should then show up on the right side of the view port.  Press the N key or click the tiny arrow on the top right of the viewport to expand the viewport tool panel.

*** Important notes

  •  Displacement works for both octane and cycles renderer. Displacement through texture nodes does not appear to work with eevee though.  Be sure to subdivide your geometry if you are not using octane otherwise the displacement will not show up.

  • Automatic texture does not work if names are really really long.

  • Scaling textures using the 2d transform in the auto texture setup works for render mode but does not change the viewport texture scaling.

Texture suffixes

For automatic textures to work each file must have the proper suffix listed below.  In the future this may be customizable.

These conventions follow the naming suffix styles. 

diffuse / albedo/ color :  "_d" , "_al" , "_c"

roughness : "_r"

normal: "_n"

height/displacement: "_h"    

ambient occlusion: "_ao" or "_amb"

metallic: "_m"

Button Names

-move   - rotate

 - scale  - 3d cursor

 - delete   - undo  - redo 

- cube      - plane  - beveled plank

-vertex snap       - set pivot to 3d cursor

- loop knife         - reset 3d cursor 

 - texture maker  - new window

-clone x               - find and replace

 - add suffix         - asset browser

 - scatter normal   -leaves angled

 - leaves normal  -grass

 - leaves ground

Geonodes Extra:

To replace geometry after adding geometry nodes, open the geometry nodes editor in a spare panel and find this part of the graph.  Then depending on if you want to use a collection (left) or a single object (right) click the appropriate box drop down or select the eyedropper tool and click your preferred scatter object.  To access extra controls such as leaf rotation and scale go to the modifier properties panel

Powdered_Bread Assets

Bread tools also includes a small library of assets to help start projects.  They can be found under the asset browser tab in the powdered_bread catalogue.  

Assets include 3 generic trees, 1 cone, grass chunks used in the example, and a few basic helper geometries. More assets will be added in future updates as in addition to more buttons

Bread tools is an ongoing project and will be updated more in the future to add even more bread tastistic buttons.

Published 12 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
License GPL
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