Bread Tools With Automatic Texture Maker

by Powdered Bread in Addons

About Bread Tools

Bread Tools adds the bread panel with buttons that makes blender a little bit easier.  Bread Tools now has automatic octane and eevee/cycles material setup and many other buttons.

All Buttons:

    • move, scale, and rotate
    • 3d cursor button
    • a cube button
    • a plane button
    • a beveled plank button with unwrapped uvs and a pivot point at the bottom left
    • 1 click vertex snapping
    • pivot to 3d cursor
    • loop cut knife tool that auto activates edit mode
    • reset 3d cursor
    • *** Automatic texture maker for octane renderer and eevee/cycles
    • new viewport window button
    • cloneX button clone selected objects 1 time in local x
    • find and replace names in selected objects
    • add suffix to selected objects
    • asset browser
    • Geonode buttons for regular normal scatter, angled leaves, horizontal leaves, grass ,and fallen leaves

    Automatic Texture

    To create a material automatically select your object and click the button and then select the textures you want to make a material out of. Make sure each file has the proper suffix such as "_d" for diffuse, "_r" for roughness, ect. For more information about the proper suffixes/file names please refer to the documentation.  ***Materials downloaded from should hook up automatically.

    Change Pivot / Vertex Snap

    Bread tools also makes changing the pivot point of your geometry is made much easier. Simply click the 3d cursor button, click vertex snapping, then drag the cursor to where you want your pivot, then click apply pivot .  

    Geonode Buttons

    With the geonode button bread tools makes it even easier to add geonodes.  You can now add leaves and grass in 1 click all mesh based with uv maps.  You can also replace the geometry in the geometry node editor and find the eyedropper tool for the instance geometry node and select your new scatter object.


    Now make walls easier than every before with the clone X button.   CloneX is faster and more convient than regular cloners.  This button only works with one object at a time but we will try to make it work with multiple objects in the future.

    Published 11 months ago
    Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
    License GPL
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