Belt Maker

by Piotr Popek in Modifier Setups

Easily create belts with a customizable, geonodes powered tool - BeltMaker!

Update 1.4 - adjust thickness

Update 1.2 - new asset - BeltMakerAuto

Belt's length follows curve automatically!

BeltMaker Features:

With simple sliders:

  • adjust length/scale; add holes
  • control stitches spreading/length/thickness/offset or just turn them off
  • pick style: flat/grooved; choose start/end type
  • add middle buckle/extras
  • preview high poly subdivs
  • set low poly holes off/on for baking (changes low poly and adds holes-caps to high poly if off)
  • output high or low poly
  • create UVs, apply preview checker material

Meanwhile, enjoy the full control of your belt's final shape with Blender's curve modifier!

You can also drop your own meshes into BeltMaker's buckles and extras collections.

OR if that's not enough go crazy with Custom Belt - a simplified geonodes version set with placeholder meshes.

To use BeltMaker, simply set folder containing BeltMaker.blend file as Asset Library and you're ready to go!


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Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
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