Auto-Rig Pro: Animation Library

by Asim Hameed in Addons

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  • Gonzalez
    10 months ago

    Very Helpful Library it save a lot of time. Great Product

    • Asim Hameed

      10 months ago

      Thanks Gonzalez

  • Henry
    10 months ago

    Amazing product! Need some extra animations in this product then it will become more useful.

    • Asim Hameed

      10 months ago

      Thanks for your feedback 🤩. 25 new Animations added very Soon.

  • Jacob
    10 months ago

    All the animations work perfectly. Excellent Product. Highly recommend. Thanks

    • Asim Hameed

      10 months ago


  • Myoo
    10 months ago

    Overall, I find this asset to be disappointing.

    It sort of works.

    Not a 1-Click solution as advertised.
    Animations are simply taken from Mixamo and applied to a rig.
    The scale of the rig and dummy is not set to 1, which can disrupt the workflow if you are not aware of it.
    The price is too high for this type of asset. Worth 5€ at most.

    With a bit more polishing and much better animations, this could become a useful asset. However, as of now, I do not recommend it.

    • Asim Hameed

      10 months ago

      Dear Respected Brother,
      These are not the mixamo Animations.
      The scale can be change Manually.
      Price is reasonable.
      I am trying to add 25 more new Animations and All the existing Animations will be more polished soon. The Update of Animation library coming soon.
      Thanks for for personal opinion.

  • suivant
    about 1 year ago


    • Asim Hameed

      about 1 year ago

      Thanks ❤

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