Auto-Rig Pro: Animation Library

by Asim Hameed in Addons

"Blender Animation is no more difficult"
With the help of this Product, you can create a professional, smooth and fast workflow for rigging and then applying any animation to 3D Character by a single click. Auto-Rig Pro: Animation Library has been designed to be Userfriendly, fast, and time saving. 

Animate Any Human like 3D Model with this library of 75 Auto-Rig Pro Human Animations.
Most Important: This product needs Latest version of Auto-rig Pro, you can get it from here.

Animation Library:

Some Animation Examples below:


Boxing Animation

Knocked Out Animation

75 Human Animations List:_
  1. Belly Dance
  2. Big Kidney Hit
  3. Block
  4. Box Jump
  5. Boxing
  6. Cat Walk Female
  7. Climbing
  8. Climbing A Rope
  9. Climbing A Ladder
  10. Climbing Stairs Up
  11. Cover to stand
  12. Crawl Backwards
  13. Cross Punch
  14. Dancing
  15. Defeated
  16. Defender
  17. Disamed
  18. Dodging
  19. Dodging Back
  20. Dodging Right
  21. Dropping
  22. Ducking
  23. Dying
  24. Elbow Punch
  25. Emerging With Gun
  26. Falling
  27. Fast Run
  28. Female walk
  29. Fighting Idle
  30. Firing Rifle
  31. Flair Dance
  32. Flying Kick
  33. Focus
  34. Getting Up
  35. Grab Rifle From behind Shoulder
  36. Happy Walk
  37. Head Hit
  38. Helping Out
  39. Hit by Car
  40. Hit to body
  41. House Dance
  42. Injured Run
  43. Idle
  44. Injured Walk
  45. Jump
  46. Jump in Place
  47. Kicking
  48. kip Standup
  49. Knocked Out
  50. Lifting object
  51. Look Around
  52. looking Behind
  53. Looking Right 
  54. Medium Run
  55. Opening
  56. Pushing
  57. Quick 180 Turn
  58. Rapping
  59. Removing Driver
  60. Run and look Behind
  61. Run to stop
  62. Running
  63. Shooting 
  64. Slipping
  65. Slow Run
  66. Stop Walking
  67. Talking Gesture
  68. Talking on Phone
  69. Throwing
  70. Victory
  71. Walk with Rifle
  72. walking
  73. waving
  74. Walking Turn 180
  75. Writhing in Pain
  76. Rig and Animate any 3D Character by using the Following Steps

    Note : "Character Must be in T Pose"

    1. Select a rig

    2. Bind Mesh Body

    3. Scale the Mesh

    4. Place the Bones within your Model5. Bind your rig to Model 

    6. Select Any Animation

    Game Engine Export

    Auto-Rig Pro allows export to FBX/GLTF format via a dedicated module, to proven engines such as Unity,Unreal Engine, Godot.

    Note:" GLTF requires Blender 3.4 and higher"

    Full support in Unity, Unreal Engine (FBX), Godot (FBX, GLTF), and probably other game engines supporting these formats as well.

    If you have Any Questions?

    If you're having any issues with the Animation library please check the FAQ and contact me or have a look at the my Youtube channel.

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