Aircraft Engine V-Type

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Aircraft V-Type Engine

An aircraft engine, often referred to as an aero engine, is the power component of an aircraft propulsion system. Most aircraft engines are either piston engines or gas turbines, although a few have been rocket powered and in recent years many small UAVs have used electric motors.

This was an amazing model to bring to life. There are many parts of history that are quite a blur, happen so fast, but mean so much for the future and last forever. This is one of those cases. This engine is supposed to mimic relatively closely the V-Type engines produced for airplanes used in the 1920's. I tried my best to make a look-a-like model that can be used for several purposes.

The V-Type Engine

Cylinders in this engine are arranged in two in-line banks, typically tilted 60–90 degrees apart from each other and driving a common crankshaft. The vast majority of V engines are water-cooled. The V design provides a higher power-to-weight ratio than an inline engine, while still providing a small frontal area.

The native file is a .blend, however you'll find a .fbx, an .obj & .mtl and an .stl file format included with your purchase.

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Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 3.5
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Manifold-Mesh, Normal-Mapped, Textured
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