X-Muscle System 3.0

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Blender update 4.0 ongoing!

X-Muscle System is advanced, physics based tissue simulator for Blender.

What is X-Muscle System?

X-Muscle System is an add-on designed for rapid muscular system, tissue and other organic object creation and their physical simulations. Its main purpose is to help visualize better skin surface deformations according to volume preservation of the body muscles, fat and even skeletal bones. Add-on lets you focus on the design, creativity and to significantly speed up the workflow with extremal learning curve. 

With X-Muscle System an artist is free to focus on the artwork and use effectively his time to create even more realistic, complex shapes and animations of characters and creatures. With its simplicity and integration with Blender's native tools, X-Muscle System is powerful, easy in use and ready to start straightaway. X-Muscle System has been designed and written from the scratch and completed with the functionality you always wanted. 

X-Muscle System is now part of #EpicMegaGrants program.

With X-Muscle System add-on purchase some exclusive materials  and services are provided:

  • X-Muscle System Blender add-on download access
  • Anatomy Bundle human male skeleton*,  human female skeleton*, horse skeleton*, cat skeleton*, dog skeleton and carnivore dinosaur skeleton rigged models 
    • all mesh 100% quads
  • access to the documentation, examples and tutorials
  • Product Lifetime Support and Updates

Main system features:

  • animatable muscle parameters like size, properties settings and controllers
  • supports muscle Shape Keys
  • Body meshes with Shape Keys are supported
  • Body meshes with Mirror modifier are supported
  • body auto-weight painting function for muscles and controllers with scope control
  • auto-attach to bones with Auto-Aim mode
  • flexor and extensor muscle type
  • Muscle Pinning Manager and Bendy Muscles with X-Mirror support
  • advanced micro skin Controllers 
  • allows easy muscle mirroring with intelligent X-Mirror feature 
  • vast support for variety types of armatures and custom rigs including Rigify, Pitchipoy, ManuelBastioniLAB, BlenRig5, Blenrig6 and Auto-Rig Pro
  • simple but powerful control over the parameters and settings
  • multiple muscles properties adjustment at same time with  real-time execution
  • integrated naming system with powerful renaming feature
  • physically based tissue simulation - jiggling muscles can simulate fat, or particular parts of the body like breast, buttocks, cheeks or skinfolds or rigid body like bones
  • materials management
  • display tools

These are only few features system provides. Refer to the documentation for full specification.

Build high quality, realistic muscle structures with ease

Thanks to flexor and extensor muscle types creating biceps and triceps for your character was never that easy.

Work smart and fast - X-Mirror with single click

With powerful X-Mirror option there's no need to duplicate work. X-Mirror will guarantee excellent symmetry for tissue's shape, properties and behavior saving your effort and time.

Achieve the most complex shapes with Muscle Pinning and Bendy Muscles

Now, with muscle pinning and bendy muscles, tissue shape will follow the bone chain of your rig. Thanks to that, you can create the most advanced and realistic muscular systems.

Inspect your character with provided tools

X-Muscle System provides dedicated Display Tools which allows to work and inspect with ease.

Improve all your existing scenes with the dramatic touch of realism

X-Muscle System works straight away and does not require any preconditions or additional setup so you can start adding great visual experience without reordering your scene.

Start your work with Anatomy Bundle

X-Muscle System comes with rigged human male skeleton model which allows you to immediately exercise your skills.

Bring your digital art back to life!


Current add-on version: 2.4.7

You will get internal blendermarket mail notification on every new release

Full changelog has been moved to Documentation TAB

*3D Skeleton model should not be used as a real anatomy reference for medical purposes.

**included skeleton model does not contain muscles.

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