X-Muscle System 3.0

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Software and Documentation Update

versions 2.4.7

  • fix muscle pinning not listed
  • fix muscles not xmirrored correctly

versions 2.4.0

  • updated for Blender 3.0

    versions 2.3.9

    • fixed localization bugs
    • added undo support (will not randomly crash on CTRL+Z, supports undo correctly)
    • Improved compatibility with Blender 2.9. Fixed random installation issue,
    • bugfixes

    versions 2.3.7

    • added Muscle Offset feature

    versions 2.3.4

    • fixed API changed in Blender 2.9x

    versions 2.3.3

    • fixed compatibility conflict with BlenderKit add-on,
    • fixed compatibility conflict with Avastar2 add-on

    versions 2.2.9

    • fix microControllers not working

    versions 2.2.7

    • added localization compatibility

    versions 2.1.9

    • internal engine improvement muscle bulge stability (affects only new entities)

    versions 2.0.2

    • fix non responsive properties

    version 2.0.1

    • fix add microController to skin error

    versions 2.0.0

    • Blender 2.8 port

    versions 1.9.7

    • new muscle strip type added
    • documentation Update

    versions 1.9.3

    • microControllers now x-mirrors correctly when muscles are using pinning, bugfix

    versions 1.9.0

    • new Isolate Selected Muscles feature,
    • documentation Update

    versions 1.8.9 and 1.8.9a-e:

    • fix exception access violation when Multires was used without shapekeys, a
    • full support for advanced features: bendy muscles and muscle pinning including X-Mirror support, c
    • better mirroring accuracy when scaling is used, c
    • important bugfixes, c
    • X-Mirror support for Bendy Muscles
    • Anatomy Bundle added, c
    • allows to manually reattach muscles attached with auto-aim to other bones and still successfully bind them with the skin. (more flexible workflow in sacrifice of auto-weight painting), d
    • allows to successfully finish binding all the muscles to the skin even when corrupted microController mechanism is detected (accidentally deleted or omitted on muscle duplication), d
    • new Muscle Pinning Panel powerful Manager, e
    • enable and disable viewport/render muscle pinning, e
    • add/remove muscle pins feature, e
    • select pins toggle feature, e
    • reset selected pins feature, e
    • minor bugfixes, e
    • documentation update, e

    version 1.8.7 and 1.8.7a:

    • improved Vertex Group management
    • added full support for rename feature after skinning for Vertex Groups and drivers
    • fixed multi-rename failed to work in some cases
    • fixed new muscle Shape is now added to active scene layer only instead to all selected layers
    • change skin model to Object Mode on Micro_Controller toggle
    • fix muscle remains selected after Auto-Aim create
    • fix remove drivers from skin after Micro_Controller disabling
    • muscles will now remain selected after Micro_Controller enable/disable toggle
    • Micro_Controllers will now work even if character object is hidden
    • Documentation Update

    version  1.8.3:

    • significantly improved freestyle weightpainting x-mirror
    • fix tension value for Micro_Controller on  x-mirror
    • fix Micro_Controller Set option works now for any Mode 
    • fixed x-mirror muscles if some its parts are hidden
    • minor bugfixes

    versions  1.7.9 a-e:

    • fixed critical exception on Micro_Controller deletion, final fix, e
    • muscle size to scale along its local YZ fix, d
    • some default values for muscle properties fix, d
    • perfect symmetry final fix, c
    • perfect symmetry fix (muscle "System" part orientation now mirrored correctly), b
    • fixed property viewport refresh for selected muscle when all parts are selected, a

    version  1.7.9:

    • Quick Start - Video Tutorial
    • added full Micro_Controller X-Mirror support feature with X-Mirroring Vertex Groups
    • Documentation Update
    • default muscle create type set to Manual at file startup
    • solved invalid orientation for Micro_Controller in particular scenarios
    • now X-Muscle System works correctly with scaled rig
    • improved pretty Vertex Group naming (dedicated unique naming)
    • fixed unintended settings deletion for all muscles in exceptional scenarios
    • resolved x-mirror with applying body to mesh inverted order
    • Multi-Set support for microControllers feature

    Besides new features, this Update contains many bug fixes.

    version  1.7.3:

    • added Select Single Muscle function and UI button
    • fixed cleanup orphaned microController
    • added Allow_Duplication and Keep_over_Subdiv setting to the UI
    • Multi-Rename feature added
    • Allow Duplications  feature added with support for X-Mirror and skinning
    • fixed critical exception on microController deletion
    • Documentation Update
    • optimized operation with subsurf in stack
    • Keep over Subdiv feature added
    • autobind microController to the skin feature

    Besides new features, this Update contains stability, performance improvements and better scene management.

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