Woodland Terrain 3D Environment

by CGHawk in Models

Woodland Terrain 3D Environment Model

A section of woodland terrain environment including grass and plants, rocks and puddles of water.

The textures are all unpacked and included within directories, just import the model into your software for an instant environment starter kit modifiable to your preference.

Woodland Terrain Texture also included and available to buy seperately.

Download includes .obj, .fbx, a Blender file, a Cinema 4D file and a Datasmith file for Unreal etc along with the textures for each object.

Add more terrain and instantly start sculpting and building a level or scene to your liking.

Each model type is instantiated, a handy starting point for games designers and architects.

The polycount for the scene is:

Polys: 53,922

Verts: 75,578

Woodland Terrain 3D Environment Model by CGHawk


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