Warp Tools

by Peter Gubin in Addons

Warp tools is a collection of useful tools for Blender. Currently it includes:

  • Tools Panel
    • Multi edit UV select
      Selects chosen index across all selected meshes. It's really convenient when you're UV editing several meshes with multiple UV channels because it allows you to quickly make sure that every object is currently using correct active UV channel.

    • Reference collection tool
      Allows you to bind to the shortcut array of collections to toggle visibility on and off, really useful for collections containing some sort of reference objects which you might need turn on and off constantly for measurements and so on

  • Material Manager
    • Material reassign tool

      Material reassign tool allows you quickly reassign one material onto another across the whole scene and optionally delete original material from the scene.

    • Material List

      • Allows you to purge unused materials, force delete any material (regardless if it's used or not) from the scene.
      • Select material allows you to quickly locate objects that use particular material.
      • Assign in object mode assigns material to an object, in edit mode it creates additional material slot for selected faces and assigns material to the new slot if necessary.

    • Cleanup procedures
      Contains helper functions to cleanup geometry such as batch UV renaming, previewing all UV set names in the entire scene and a bunch of other useful functions

    • Quick shortcuts popup (default shortcut Q)
      • Object mode
        Provides a lot of useful shortcuts like
        - Add Bevel Mod -  adds bevel modifier with predefined settings for optimal use by hardsurface artists
        - Add Vertex Normals Mod - adds Weighted Vertex Normals modifier with predefined settings like Weight 100, face influence on and enabling auto smooth if it's not active
        - Triangulate selected - gives an ability to add triangulate modifier before export to all or selected objects while preserving vertex normals
        - Hidden Objects To Collection - places all currently hidden objects in a new collection called HiddenObjects which is useful when you have a lot of helper objects hidden during your work and you want to quickly place them in one spot
        - Collapse Linked Collection - collapses linked collection to regular objects and cleanup unnecessary empties along the way
        - Add Parent Empty - adds empty and sets it to the parent for selected object
        - Vertex Color Fill Black  - creates  (if necessary) vertex color channel and fill it with black color

      • Edit mode
        Should be populated by more stuff but for now it allows you to:

        Set Face Weights -  quickly set face weights to selected faces (for Weighted Normals modifier)


You can or change addon shortcuts in the Preferences menu under Warp Tools addon:


Roadmap for this tool consists of points listed below but you can suggest more features via email (petr.gubin@gmail.com):

  • More robust and complex cleanup and geometry validation functionality
  • Geometry Analizer
  • Vertex Color utilities (merge second vertex channel as alpha)
  • UV: Select UV chunk while deselecting currently selected chunks first
  • UV: Select UVchannel in all selected meshes (within multiedit, useful while working on several objects while each of them have multiply UVs)
  • Other modelling functionality 

UV Tools:

  • Select UV chunk with deselection first

Material Manager

  • Material loader will generate materials and load textures 
    • Support for basic Unity shaders (including layered materials)
    • Generic materials load from file

    Dev Fund Contributor
    Published about 2 years ago
    Blender Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
    License GPL
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