Wall Mirror Kit With Crack And Pbr Textures Options Low Poly

by Shop Tom Store in Models


I modeled and created these exclusives Mirrors to add an air of modern, stylish and simplicity in any sort of place and composition and It gets amazing in interior places.

And also I created 2 presets of PBR painted textures for each model to add a pinch of lifetime realism for theses models to really suits well in everywhere that you do and I included Steel flash material for architecture also.

And another bonus that I included it was a crack option that you can just replace the normal map and the result gets amazing and available for all.

There are 3 ways to use it and one of these It's going to fits well in any game engine and real time render because it's very low poly with good normals and nice topology, no ngons or triangles that allows you to modify pretty easy the mesh and the normals are fine and will be more easy to put modifiers such subdivision also. And only in the 3DSMax and Blender doc you already have crease on the edges to make easy to use OpenSubdivisions without the need to slide edges. So I created 2 options of use for who works with raytrace renders or use in game engines with textures maps istead and all with 4K and 2K resolution that I baked and will brings the same quality with no subdivision and not only that, if you don't want to use subdivision I included High Poly mesh in the file, all with UVs and the textures also works on these meshes.

And the Low Poly objects have proper pivot points locations to make it easy and precise to put in any place for instance.

Resume everything, you are going to buy It's a model that can be use and reused and It will fits in anything that you make it without trouble and saving thousands of time.

More Details

  • Comes with 3 Mirrors, low poly and high Poly meshes, 2 presets of PBR Textures and 1 material in the doc files for each model
  • Clean topology and optimized geometry
  • Good hierarchy and rename objects
  • All UVs unwrapped and there is not overlapping
  • PBR support channel (Albeto(Color), Metalic, AO, Normal Map, Roughness)
  • Formats available: blender, obj, fbx, .3DSmax, 3DS
  • Geometry: Polygon Mesh and Subdivision Ready
  • Poly Counts: 125
  • Unids Used: CM
  • Formats Textures: PNG
  • Resolution Textures: 4098x4098(4K), 2048x2048(2K)
  • Total Megabytes Archives: 574MB

How to use it? The High Poly Meshes Subdivision and the Docs files are in the PBR Textures WinRar files for each model, and like that you can have each meshes separated to import or use in your projects.

I hope you enjoy for any problems or question just contact me !!!!!!!!

And Sorry for the word Mirron in the files instead of Mirror and when I realized was too late and I know that my english it's not good.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9
License Royalty Free
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