Viewport Pro

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Viewport Pro v23.9.0

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  • Geometry Nodes Library
  1.  Press File View to select a folder in Settings.
  2.  Put the Library blend file in the folder.
  3.  Press Update Library and Save Preferences.


  • Modifier Editor
  • Driver Editor
  • Mesh Editor
  • Light Tool
  • Settings
  • Inputs
  • Known issues and limitations
Modifier Editor
Display/Edit multiple objects at the same time.

Easily exchange data between objects.

Driver Editor
Called from Attribute with one click in the Modifier Editor.

Mesh Editor
Using in Edit Mode.

Light Tool
Adding specific lights is easier.

Custom Keymap / Theme / ...

Custom Button (Support general expressions and Python expressions).
(2^3)! + randint(2, 9);10 ** 3 % 3

Known issues and limitations
When something goes wrong, please send a bug report.
  • When the workspace changes / load a new blend file / switch to local or quad view, the subsystem will automatically close.
  • Undo function of Preferences are not available in N-panel. Use the Settings Editor instead if you want to create the restore point.
  • Preferences restore points will not work when adding new scenes.
  • When the Blender theme changes / add-on updated to new versions, Blender needs to be restarted to use the add-on.
  • Blender needs to be restarted after disabling the add-on.
  • After changing the Length Unit or Unit Scale, if the Editor is already open, it will need to be reopened manually to display the correct context.

Published 12 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
License GPL
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