Uv Flow [Beta]

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Get UV Flow and its future updates for 25% off while it's still in beta! The price will increase to $34 once we release the first official version.

Please be aware that you may find bugs in the beta version. If you do, please let us know so that the official release can be rock solid. 

Unwrap at light speed

UV Flow aims to make UV unwrapping in Blender fast and, even more shockingly, actually fun. It does this by adding an entirely new active tool to Blender's toolbar, called Cut UV, which allows you to edit seams with ease.

The controls are intuitive and there is a pre-selection highlight to help you never miss a cut. Simply click to mark seams, double click to mark loops (which stop at other seams!!), click and drag to draw seams, hold alt during any of those actions to clear seams, and double click on faces to select islands. 

When UV Flow's Auto Unwrap is enabled, only the UVs affected by the new seam will be unwrapped. This may seem like a small deal at first but, unlike using Blender's built in Live Unwrap, you will never lose work by accidentally resetting UV's you've previously straightened or projected. 

Work in layers

Did you know that having multiple UV maps can be incredibly helpful, especially for placing decals? In Blender you can only have one set of seams per object, which makes working with multiple maps quite cumbersome. UV Flow, however, allows you to work with seam layers. It automatically stores seam information per UV map so you can work with as many unwraps as you need without any extra clicks. 

No seams? No worries

When you unwrap with UV Flow, you can set edges to act as if they were seams based on their angle, bevel, crease, sharp, or freestyle attributes. In some cases, especially for hard surfaces, you can unwrap a whole mesh without placing any seams at all! Or you can create seams based on those attributes to use as a quick starting point for a manual unwrap. 

See it in style

UV Flow has its own overlay system that you can customize. You can set seams to be any color, as well as make them thicc and glowy for extra clarity (or just for fun). UV checker textures can be enabled by default, so that one is always applied to the mesh you're unwrapping without you having to think about it. Even better, the texture is only applied to the selected mesh and the rest of the objects stay in solid view. Every effect is fully cleaned up as soon as you exit the tool. 

Skull model from Blender's Human Base Meshes demo file by Julien Kaspar

Don't stress about scale

UV Flow can perfectly unwrap meshes whose scale hasn't been applied by automatically stretching the UVs to compensate. 

Designed for a material workflow

Editing meshes in Blender is designed to be per object. When it comes to UVs, however, that doesn't always make sense. You'll often want your final UVs to be per material, so you can easily texture in other apps like Substance Painter or Mari. UV Flow can pack each material into its own UV space, and it can do this for as many objects at once as you'd like. 

Car interior (not included) courtesy of Wyatt at Winter Stellar Studios

...and that's just the beginning!

Our goal is to make working with UVs as fast and fun as possible, and we're just getting started. We have a long list of things that we would like to improve about the UV workflow in Blender and we'd even like to contribute improvements to Blender itself when possible. Purchasing this add-on will allow us to continue development and, hopefully, make Blender THE #1 app for UV editing. 

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