Uraban City

by tee minus zero in Models

Unleash your imagination and reshape the boundaries of digital artistry with our groundbreaking 3D Geometry Nodes. Elevate your creative projects to unprecedented levels by seamlessly integrating this cutting-edge tool into your design workflow.

Key Features:

Dynamic Geometry Creation: Say goodbye to traditional, static models. Our 3D Geometry Nodes empower you to generate intricate and dynamic geometric structures with unparalleled ease. Craft complex forms, procedural landscapes, and mesmerizing patterns that evolve and transform in real-time.

Limitless Variation: With the power of procedural generation, every design becomes a template for endless possibilities. Customize and manipulate your creations using intuitive controls, allowing you to experiment freely until you achieve your desired result.

Effortless Control: Tame the complexity of 3D design with our user-friendly interface. Adjust parameters, modify patterns, and fine-tune details with intuitive sliders and inputs. Watch your creations respond in real-time as you tweak, providing an interactive and engaging design experience.

Sculpting with Data: Transform data into art by using various data sources – from images to numeric values – to influence geometry. Craft topographical landscapes from elevation maps, create dynamic particle effects, or generate abstract sculptures that mirror real-world phenomena.

Procedural Animation: Breathe life into your designs by animating geometry procedurally. Animate growth, transformation, and motion effortlessly, resulting in mesmerizing visuals that tell captivating stories.

Efficiency and Flexibility: Streamline your workflow and reduce manual labor by automating repetitive tasks. Generate intricate structures efficiently, saving valuable time while maintaining the highest levels of precision.

Interoperability: Seamlessly integrate 3D Geometry Nodes into popular design and animation software, ensuring compatibility with your existing tools and pipelines. Open up new avenues of creative exploration without disrupting your established processes.


Visual Effects (VFX): Create stunning and dynamic visual effects that captivate audiences in films, games, and advertisements.
Architectural Visualization: Generate intricate architectural details and procedural environments that bring designs to life.
Gaming: Develop immersive game worlds with ever-evolving landscapes, structures, and characters.
Product Design: Design captivating and customizable 3D products that can adapt to varying specifications.
Art and Animation: Express your artistic vision by crafting unique and evolving sculptures, animations, and digital art pieces.
Elevate your creative potential with 3D Geometry Nodes – the tool that empowers you to sculpt dynamic, ever-changing masterpieces that push the boundaries of possibility. Embrace the future of digital design and let your imagination run wild.
Published 10 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Creative Commons
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