Ultra High Definition Earth

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ATTENTION! As of May 2023 customer support for this product will end and the product will be offered at the lowest price possible.

This Earth model is like no other on the blender market because it includes textures for all the seasons as well as high-res volumetric clouds that cast shadows. On top of all this is an atmosphere that is volumetric and has Rayleigh Scattering which makes the light a yellow or orange color when the light is in the atmosphere. Also the atmosphere includes light absorption as well as light scatter for the most realistic look. The earth has a light and dark sequence with lights on the dark side of the earth that changes as the earth spins (see video).  

 All of the images and textures are at least 4k and the season images are 21K and includes ocean bathymetry (basically it make the ocean look darker the deeper the water is). I will also include a huge two-piece cloud image for those with a more powerful computer then me :) 


  • 12 Season image textures(21K)
  • Clouds cast shadows(8K)
  • Volumetric clouds
  • Huge two piece cloud image(21K each)
  • Volumectic Atmosphere with Absorption
  • Rayleigh Scattering
  • Bump map for mountains (21K) 
  • Ocean mask (10K)
  • Night Lights Image(16K)
  • Reflective water
  • Reflective lakes and rivers
  • Ocean bathymetry
  • Fading night lights

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Blender Version 2.6x, 2.7x
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