Procedural Tree In Blender | Uittree V2.3

by UitTree in Modifier Setups

UitTree is a node group in the geometry node for creating procedural trees.

You can make a tree from the trunk and branches procedurally starting from scratch.

Get UitTree and you will get future updates.

1. Create a Tree Procedurally with Geometry Nodes in Blender.

2. Create Tree Presets and Play Parameters Freely.

3. Apply Modifiers and Make Objects.

4. Create Animation.

5. Catalog for easy node management.

6. View height, width, and radius information while modeling.

7. Add Animation in Each Branch.

What you get:

1. The main product is a Blender file that contains a Mark Asset Node Group. Catalog has been added in the latest version. Read the README file for installation.

2. An example of a finished procedural tree in old versions.

3. Simple documentation v1.0.

Node Type UitTree V2.3 :

  1. Trunk Nodes
  2. Root Nodes
  3. Branch distribution nodes and modifier nodes
  4. Leaf distribution nodes
  5. Tool nodes


1. Create realistic or stylized trees using procedural geometry nodes.

2. Procedurally control branches, tree radius, and leaf distribution.

3. Can create own model tree shape with curves and integrated in geometry node.

4. Can unwrap UVMap.

5. It has many features that allow you to customize branches, such as twist, weight, noise, rotation and many others.

6. Has 3 distribution branches.

7. Can control the orientation of the leaves.

8. The basis of UitTree uses geometry nodes, if you are familiar with them, it will be easier to work with each parameter in the node group.

Problem :

1. Even though each mesh can be joined by a union, the connection topology is still not perfect.

2. Even though UVMap can be unwrapped automatically, it's still not neat and for some cases, the orientation is still not the same.

Fix UV Map | Convert UitTree Procedural Tree to Single Object

3. To create a realistic tree, knowledge of tree topology is required.

Tutorial :

1. How to Make a Tree with Geometry Nodes in Blender (6) | UitTree 2.3

2. How to Make a Pine Tree with Geometry Nodes in Blender (4) | UitTree V2.0

3. How to Make a Tree with Geometry Nodes in Blender (2) | UitTree V1.1

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Blender Version 3.4, 3.5
License GPL
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