Tube2Curve - Convert Tube/Pipe Geo Back To Curves With 1 Click!

by hodgson3d in Addons

With this purchase you will recieve 2 Tools: 
-convert tubes to curves
-separate curves by loose parts

Often we find that we have converted curves to geo and we want to go back to the original curve.

This is usually a very tedius process especially when you are dealing with hundreds if not thousands of tubes. In a production environment you are often ingesting assets from other artists/vendors that do not use curves and instead work with tube geo which is why I developed this script to automate the process.

With one click this addon will convert all selected tubes to a perfect curve (or edge) down the centre of any tube selected. 

The tool works on all types of tubes including open and Ngon/triangle capped tubes.

NOTE: The tool will not work on cyclic geo, (tubes must have a start and an end, if its a continuous cyclic tube, the script will fail). To get around this split a single edge ring on a cyclic tube and the script will work as expected.

You will also receive a BONUS tool that allows you to separate curves by loose parts. Something that is not available in vanilla blender. (Both found under the same tab on the N-panel within blender)

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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
License GPL
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