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True-VFX Product pagesTrue-VDBv1.1ContactThe only Volume sim library built for Blender.Use code TVFXCONTEST for 50% off all our tools. Only valid until the 21st of June 2023Due to continued issues with coupon codes not working for users, we have removed the code and applied the flat 50% rate to the price. The price of this tool will be increased to original on the 21st of June 2023Shaders 🎨We made some absolutely beautiful shaders for True-VDB. Ready to work in any scene, and packed with details and options for you to mess with! Just look at that FIRELoops ♾️We made the decision to go wayyyyyyyyy further than any other VDBs you've seen. They're all animated, and some of them are even LOOPED to run seamlessly, forever!!! Magic..'Splosions 💥Of course we made 'booms'... Here's an example of an air 'boom' perfectly timed, perfectly shaded, perfectly boomy. Just drop it right into your scene with the click of a button.Weather Effects 🌪️Weather effects were top of the wish-list for this tool. There's a taster of that weather'y goodness with this small rope tornado sim. We do have a whole pack dedicated to weather effects though!Multi-pack import ️🗂️No more "Click this and wait, then repeat until all packs are installed". That wasn't nice, we didn't like that. We fixed it, now you just select all the files you want to import and let it do it's thing. We even made a progress bar... Huge ️Library 💾With a massive library of over 50 assets (10 in standard), there's never a situation that you won't have a VDB forPick and Click ️🖱️True-VDB makes it as simple as looking for a VDB and clicking ADD. Boom, VDB appended into your scene animated and ready to go!Easy Shader controls 🔥True-VDB has BEAUTIFUL shaders out the box! But we like to hand over Artistic control so we made a couple of tweakable values and the ability to swap between materials!A growing Library of top-tier VDBs 🗃️We have simulated, animated, baked out and built materials for over 50 VDB sequences to date so far! The 10 shown below are part of the base version (not Available in Free), giving you a taste of our explosions, fire, weather and magic effects. There are VDB assets out there, however they can be expensive, we're charging $0 for the addon, and pricing VDBs at just over $2 each in the base pack and only $1.45 if you buy the + variant... That's pretty cheap!‍True-VDB has been built to be fully modular and customisable, allowing us to generate new assets for you, download and use right away with no fussing about over simulation and timing.System RequirementsThese are a guidelineMinimumRecommended64-bit quad core CPU64-bit eight core CPU8 GB RAM32 GB RAM1920 x 1080 Display2560 x 1440 DisplayMouse, Trackpad or Pen+TabletMouse, Trackpad or Pen+TabletGPU with 2 GB VRAM, OpenGL 4.3GPU with 8 GB VRAM or moreWindows, MacOS, LinuxWindows 10+, MacOSX, Ubuntu 19+FAQ OverviewCommon QuestionsCan I use these packs without the addon?Yes, but the content is not designed for that. If you choose to use the VDBs outside of the addon, then we do not take responsibility for them not working as intended and we cannot support you if you have issues. Please download the free version of True-VDB to use the packs as intended.What render times can I expect?Unfortunately, we can't advise what render times you will see as there are too many factors to give an accurate answer. All we can say is that rendering on a CPU will be slower than a GPU and using mobile variants (laptops etc) will be slower again. We would advise that using a modern GPU will give you fastest results. The more compute cores (CUDA/OPTIX/Stream Processors) the faster your renders will be.Are the loops seamless?The loops are as seamless as they can be. Looping a simulation is not easy, and we have tried our best to ensure they are seamless. Please make sure you're using 24, 25 or 30 fps to get best results.Can I use these for any purpose?You can use these in any RENDERS for any purpose, be that education, personal or commercial. You cannot sell, repackage or distribute these in any way.Do the VDBs have timing controls?No. VDBs are a baked-out sequence and timing cannot be remapped. This means these cannot be slowed down or sped up. Can I change how they look?All our VDBs come with custom shaders that have many controls for changing fire details, brightness and colours. You can also adjust the way the smoke looks with density, thickness and colour in some cases. You are also able to swap the default material, to any material that we ship; meaning if you want to add a magic shader to an explosion, then this is possible.((SECRET STUFF))

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Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
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