Trifold Brochure 3D Animated Template 8.5 X 11

by Igor Zakusylo in Models

You can use this trifold 3d layout to promote your business or product. The template is easy to edit. You can also edit color of background and change color correction in separate layers if you need. Free and legal soft that you can download in every time. Trifold brochure animated without plugins. Use only this proportion of images for promo - 8.5 x 11


Before render all animate, render just one frame for see how look you colors and tones.
Its save you time.  For render one frame press F12

How do I edit it? 

Install Blender (it's free soft) and familiarize with video tutorial below

Proportions of downloading images

8.5 x 11 

Who's this for?

Designers, editors, artists, and anyone who wants to make an amazing 3d promotion video for own products.

Links to the tracks:

How long render take a time?

It` depend on what characteristic have your computer. 

For example, laptop parameters with render settings like in a project take time:

Scene +- 5.8 hours (duration - 00:50 min.)

CPU - Intel   i7-7700HQ   2.80GHz

GPU - Nvidia 1050Ti

RAM – 16

Project Features

100% Blender

Easy to use

Video Tutorial Included

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