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Treezy is not just a library of trees; it's an addon that revolutionizes the way you work with trees in your Blender projects. With Treezy, you not only have access to a vast collection of meticulously crafted tree presets but also enjoy unparalleled power of customization, elevating your creative possibilities to new heights.


Spawn Trees Easily

Browse and add trees to your scene effortlessly with just a few clicks. Filter the catalog by category and season presets for quick and convenient tree placement.

Particle Distribution

With Treezy and the power of Geometry Nodes, you have complete control over every aspect of particle distribution, allowing you to shape the look and feel of your trees exactly as you envision. Whether it's the density, placement, or randomness of leaves, flowers, fruits, or seeds, you can effortlessly customize and fine-tune them to achieve your desired aesthetic. You can also edit existing particles or bring your own unique particles into the mix, opening up endless creative opportunities.

Material Adjustments

Enhancing the visual realism of your trees is effortless with Treezy's material shaders.
Say goodbye to complex shader node trees - now you can make adjustments directly from the addon UI.
Easily tweak shader color and translucency and add stunning effects like procedural leaf aging and snow with just a few clicks.

Procedural Animation

Treezy also offers a versatile procedural wind animation powered by Geometry Nodes. Watch your trees sway and dance with natural, lifelike movements, bringing dynamic energy to your scenes. With a range of adjustable parameters, you can effortlessly simulate wind effects that perfectly complement your artistic direction.

Randomize/Reset Transform

Add natural variation to your trees by randomizing scale and rotation for a more organic and realistic placement. Need to start over? Hit the Reset Transform button to restore your trees to their original placement.

Convert to Static

By hitting the Convert to Static button, your dynamically distributed leaves, flowers, or other particles seamlessly merge into the tree mesh, becoming an integral part of its form.

Embrace Particle Variety

Each species brings a set of unique particles. Discover limitless possibilities with less repetition.
Alternatively, you have the freedom to create and scatter your own particles onto our models, allowing you to further customize and personalize your trees.

High Quality PBR Textures and Materials

Each Treezy material features meticulously crafted base color, roughness, alpha, and normal map textures.

Currently, Treezy offers:

2 categories (conifers and deciduous),
4 tree species,
35 trunk models,
140 pre-made variations,
13 particle types,

By buying Treezy, you not only enhance your 3D scenes with stunning trees but also contribute to our ongoing development of a robust tree creation suite for the Blender community, which was used to craft these very trees.

Planned Features:

Our dedicated team is hard at work bringing new species to Treezy. We are committed to expanding our library and offering you even more options to enhance your creative projects. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we continue to grow and evolve.

  • Save, browse and load custom distribution presets.
  • Realistic physics simulation using Blender's simulation nodes for lifelike interaction with external forces like explosions and collisions.
  • Add and remove distribution nodes directly from the interface.
  • Adjustable trunk and branch width.
  • Procedural bark texturing and displacement.
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Published 10 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License Royalty Free
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