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Transportation Documentation

Installation in video :

Transportation tutorial : How to use

Transportation tutorial Rigged cars :

Installation doc :

1. Open Blender, go to « Edit »

2. Click to « Preferences »

3. Go to Add-on section

4. Click on install Add-on

5. Find the Zip file « transportation » select it. (do not unzip the file !)

6. Click to install Add-on

7. Wait a moment ! Transportation is heavy and powerful. It may take 2 or 3 minutes to settle. Do not disturb Blender, wait patiently. 

When Transportation is installed it appears in the list and it is checked.

8. Click on the burger menu at the bottom left. Select « Save preferences »

9. Close the preferences window. In Blender viewport press the "N" key to open the menu and choose « Transportation ».


How to use Transportation with EEVEE ?

Active EEVEE,

Check Ambient Occlusion,

Check Bloom for better effect,

Check Screen Space Reflections

and Check REFRACTION for amazing glass !

Transportation with Asset Browser :

Go to "Edit", "Preferences", "File Paths" and Asset libraries.
Click on the "+" and add the path to your library.

Don't forget to unzip the file!

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