Totally Random Plus

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Totally Random+

Includes both Select Random+ & Set Random+ add-ons at a discounted rate. If you've already bought one and you buy this, or accidentally buy both, just let me know and I'll issue a quick refund. 

Select Random+

Gives the ability to invoke a random selection of objects, verts, edges, or faces with a number of improvements over Blender's built in select random function. 

Improvements over default Blender selecet random utility

1. Works in edit mode
Blender's default utility only works in object mode. Now you can select a number of random vertices, edges, or faces while in edit mode. Very useful for things like making landscapes.

2. Option to select and respect a vertex group.
You can set a vertex group and select randomly from within vertex group. Very useful utiulity for making organic changes only to a certain part of an object.

3. Option to select and respect a collection in Object mode

No need to hide objects, just select a collection and it will only select randomly from within the specified collection

4. Set a specific number of objects

Rather than use a percentage, you can set a specific number of objects to select randomly

5. Better UI

The UI is built right into the sidebar under the "Tool" panel, giving more immediate access when necessary 

Features | 
Random Selection - Edit Mode

    • Individual sliders for setting a unique random selection for vertices, edges, or faces. 

  • Vertex Group Support:

    • When a vertex group is selected from the drop-down, random selection is limited to the vertices within that group.

  • Random Selection - Object Mode 

    • Slider to select a number of random objects.

  • Collection Support:

      • When a collection is set from the drop-down, random selection is limited to the objects within the collection. 

    Ease of Use:

    • One-click to execute the random selection of mesh elements or objects, streamlining the workflow for randomization within a scene. Jumps you to the right view without needing to be there.
  • UI: 

    •  Designed to naturally fit into Blender's existing interface under the "Tool"  header in the sidebar. 

Set Random+

Improvements over default Blender set random utility

1. Gives two functions instead of one in object mode; adds atability to increment movement or reset within a global range

The default set random utility only provides one function. This add-on provides two functions for setting values randomly across objects in object mode.

The first function "*" resets the objects transform value to within the specified range, at random. So if you have a range of 0-5 set for the X transform, and 10 objects selected, each object will get a unique random transform set to within 0-5. 

The second function "*" increments the specified value by a random amount within the range. In the previous example, each of the objects would receive an increment between 0-5 on its X axis. So an object at X=20, would be randomized between X=20-25. This holds true for each of the 9 transform ranges. 


2. Works in Edit Mode

You can now apply random transforms to verts, edges, or faces in edit mode. 

3. Two functions in edit mode: "*" and "+"

These behave differently in edit mode. In edit mode:

* will apply a unique randomization to each individual vert, edge, or face selection. So if you have a value of 0-5 for Z transform, and 10 faces selected, each face will move a random amount between 0-5 along the Z axis.

+ will apply the randomized value equally to all selected verts, edges, or faces. In the previous example, all of the faces would move along the Z value by the same amount (a random value between 0-5)

4. Units are respected
Conversion from metric to imperial is calculated so that a value of "1" will correspond to 1 inch, etc. 

5. Option to perform one at a time, or all at once

You can apply randomization to one value at a time using the buttons on each row, or you can apply all of the rows simultaneously by clicking the big button at the bottom 

Random Transformation Tool for Blender Objects:

      • Object Mode: Provides the ability to randomly set or adjust the transformation, rotation, and scaling of objects in Blender.
      • - Press "*" to apply the randomization at a global level (will reset transform within clamped range) - Press "+" to apply the randomization at an individual level (adds to transform within clamped range)
      • - Press individual row buttons to apply to single attributes at a time
      • - Press big button to apply randomization to all attributes simultaneously within clamped ranges

      • Edit Mode: Apply random transformations the same way directly in Edit Mode, affecting the active selection of vertices, edges, or faces.

    • User Interface and Interaction:

      • Adds a new panel in the "Tool Section" titled "Set Random," for easy access to the tool's features.
      • Separate controls for the X, Y, and Z axes, allowing for specific and detailed adjustments.
    • Customizable Settings:

      • Minimum and Maximum Values: Each transformation axis has minimum and maximum value settings, providing control over the range of randomization or adjustment.
      • Unit Conversion: Includes a utility function to convert values to meters, ensuring compatibility with Blender's metric and imperial unit systems.
    • Specialized Operators:

      • Individual Axis Operators: Separate operators for randomizing or adjusting transformations along individual axes.
      • Global Operators: Operators to apply changes across all axes at once, either for randomization or adjustment.
      • EditMode Transform Operator: A dedicated operator for applying transformations directly in Edit Mode.
    Published 8 months ago
    Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
    License GPL
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