Timelapse Tool V1.1.1

by Fwiller in Addons

Capturing Dyntopo is an Experimental Feature. Enable that in the Addon Preferences (Experimental Settings->Dyntopo) to capture that data

BLENDER 4.0 Support is Coming Soon...

4.0 support is in active development. Your patience is greatly appreciated :)

What is TIMELAPSE Tool?

TIMELAPSE Tool is a Blender addon that records timelapse footage of your project in the background.


  • Capture Screenshots: Record your entire project window at a fixed interval

  • Capture from Camera: Record from the perspective of the camera in the scene

  • Animate Cameras: Record from cameras with animation keyframes

  • Multi-Camera Capture: Record from the perspective of multiple cameras in the scene simultaneously

  • Lock Shading: Lock the viewport shading settings of the timelapse capture

  • Generate Video from Image Sequence: Automatically create a timelapse video using the recorded image sequence

  • More to Come…


  • Blender 3.0 or above (older versions are not currently supported at this time)

Road Map (Stay Tuned For Future Updates)

  • Shading Presets: save and load preset shading lock settings (very useful for green-screen setups)
  • Per-Camera Settings: currently all cameras share the same settings. This will let you change resolution, aspect ratio, shading options, etc. on a per-camera basis
  • Camera Animation Helper Tools: TIMELAPSE Tool cameras are free to animate just like any other camera in Blender, but I’d like to streamline this process specifically for setting up timelapse cameras
  • Improved User Interface: As people use this tool and give feedback, the UI will be updated to support the workflows of active users.
  • General Optimizations: Lots of work behind the scenes to improve the performance of this tool. This will always be an active pursuit.
  • Mac Support: This is currently in progress. Some users have had no problems using it on their Mac device, but it hasn't been thoroughly tested yet.


TIMELAPSE Tool: v1.1.1

Multiresolution Hotfix
  • Fixed - Objects with a multiresolution modifier not visible during capture.

TIMELAPSE Tool: v1.1.0

Idle Detection (Spring QOL Features)
  • Feature - Detect Idle has been added as a Capture option. This will allow you to capture a timelapse image only after a change is detected in the project (preventing captures that dont have any changes made). I have found this to vastly improve my experience while recording timelapse footage.

  • Feature - JPEG file format option in the Addon Preferences. Should help with hardrive space issues. (Let me know if you want more options here)

  • Feature - Zero Padding adds zeros before the name of the image (eg: 0001.png). Found in the Addon Preferences

  • Tweak - Camera List operations are now available in other modes. This is useful for seeing the view of the timelapse cameras while in edit or sculpt mode.

  • Tweak - Discord Button added to the Panel (get the quickest addon support there)

  • Tweak - Record Button turns Blue while Recording (should help with any confusion of if it’s running)

  • Fixed - Grid disappearing while recording in one of the orthographic orientations

  • Fixed - Capture queue not completing when another capture starts during the process.

  • Fixed - Modal Detection broken in Blender 3.5

TIMELAPSE Tool: v1.0.4

Fixes and Tweaks (Thank you for the Bug Reports!)
  • Tweak - Interval is now in seconds instead of minutes

  • Tweak - Animate is now disabled by default

  • Tweak - Default Image folder has been changed (from //TLTool_Images to //Timelapse_Images)

  • Fix - Camera Capture not functioning properly when using multiple 3D Viewports (context mismatch)

  • Fix - Error with Adding Timelapse Cameras when using multiple 3D Viewports

  • Fix - Timelapse ID not refreshing when creating a new file

  • Fix - Timelapse ID defaulting to previous ID (discovered when creating a new startup file with Timelapse Tool)

  • Fix - Custom Panel Category name reverting to Default when closing Blender

  • BTS - Full Addon Restructure to allow for faster bug fixing and feature additions. (future updates will not take so long)

TIMELAPSE Tool: v1.0.0

Initial Release
  • Screenshot Capture

  • Camera Capture

  • Multi-Camera Capture

  • Animated Cameras

  • Shading Lock

  • Video from Sequence

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