Terra Cotta Gravity Water Filter And Cooler

by josepetri in Models

Terra Cotta Gravity Water Filter and Cooler

Do you know what is that? This is a Water Filter. In many countries people just drink water from the tap, but water contain chlorine and many other things. Some filters use pressure or other things that remove from water minerals that were good for our body. The best filter system is an old one, a technology that’s come back by its efficiency and low cost. It has excellent filtration, and a very long filter life (years). Also, the terracotta doesn’t leach contaminants into the water, and it keeps the water cool without needing external energy. This gravity filter has a hand-made terracotta body, which cools the water using natural convention. There are six different sizes: - 4 Liters - 5 Liters - 6 Liters - 8 Liters - 10 Liters - 16 Liters


• – Photo-realistic model • – Scale 1:1, real size. • – Pivot point located in the base of each filter to make easy to position the model in your scene. • – Objects logical named, it is easy to find the objects in your scene. • – Material logical named and organized and grouped nodes to improve your work

Warranty and Lifetime Support

If the model has any problem or incompatibility with your scene I will solve this in 30 days or you will receive your money back. Now Cycles is a good and popular render, but if in the future I start to make models in another render or if cycles go out and I start to convert my models to another render I will share with you for free. If you need this model with another render that I didn’t make yet let me know or send a comment.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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