Tealights - Small Candle Set

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Tealights - Small Candle Set

Usable for Game Engines, VR, AR and Classical Renderers alike. A production ready Cycles scene is included.

This PBR scene contains tealights that can be used for a wide range of applications.
Feel free to arrange them or split them, each part can be used separately.
It works with any renderer or real time game engine.

Please have a look at the renderings and wireframes.

All Meshes are ready for subdivision, if you need them for ArchViz or VFX you are ready to go.
The Meshes are optimized and quad based, adjustments should be very easy. 

The PBR textures are high resolution, up to 2k.
All material types are in one Texture.
The textures have very descriptive naming and will be easy to assign outside Blender.

Models included:
- Tea candles, 3 Types, New / Medium Burned / Heavy Burned
- Candle Wax (Wick may be extracted)
- Aluminum Case

PBR Textures:
-Diffuse Color
-Roughness / Microsurface
-Specular Reflection
-SSS/Translucency Mask for Candlewax
-Baked Ramp texture for Ground
-Dome HDR Environment 32bit
-Dome Environment 8bit


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Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 7 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Misc Data UV'S Unwrapped, Manifold Mesh (Water-Tight), Low & High Resolution, Textured
License Royalty Free
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