Add Surface Detail - Geometry Nodes Modifier Setup (Blender)

by Ryan King Art in Modifier Setups

Use this Geometry Nodes modifier setup to add surface details to objects. You can use this modifier setup to make objects look like rock, dirt, stone, sand, or other organic objects.

Customizable Modifier:
The Geometry Node Modifier Setup has customizable values on the modifiers panel. You can adjust the Strength, Sub-Surf Level, Edge Crease, Scale, Detail, Roughness, Distortion, Surface Randomize, and Shade Smooth.

Asset Browser Ready:
To use in your projects, you can either append the Node Group Data into your scene, and apply it to an object on the modifiers panel, or you can set it up in Blender's Asset Browser, and then drag and drop it onto objects.

This is not a Blender Addon, its a Geometry Nodes Modifier setup that you can add to objects. You can also set it up for use in Blender's Asset Browser for easy access in your projects.

ā— Geometry Node Modifier Setup Blender File
ā— Asset Browser Modifier Thumbnail

Watch the Tutorial:
To learn how to use the modifier setup, or to learn how to make it yourself, you can watch the tutorial here:

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Blender Version 3.6
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