Stylized Modular Apartment Kit

by Cratial 3D in Models

A 75-piece modular apartment kit that also includes 6 preassembled apartment buildings. The kit includes six different texture sets with three unique base color maps. The pack includes 1024, 2048, and 4096 texture maps.


- 75 modular pieces. Quickly create unique buildings to fill out your next city scene. With multiple windows, doors, roof styles, and more

- Includes 6 Preassembled Buildings. Each unique building has been joined together with its pivot point set for ease of use

- 3 Color Variations. Each of the 6 included texture sets features 3 color variations to avoid repetition in your scene

- PBR Texture Maps. Each texture set includes Base Color, Roughness, Normal, and Metallic maps where needed. Also includes an additional ORM channel-packed map

- 1024, 2048, and 4096 texture maps included. Choose the right size to fit your scene

- Clean Mesh


- Includes three tiling textures (Brick, Plaster, and Roof) as well as three unique textures (Doors, Windows, Accessories)

- All major pieces snap to the default 1m grid size. Please ensure snapping is enabled for the best results

- The .blend file is packed with 2048 texture maps 

- The .fbx and .obj files have each piece placed at the world origin 

- Total poly count for all modular pieces is 29276 (31603 vertices)

- All renders were done in Blender using the Cycles render engine