Dragon Knight - Fantasy Character Full Course

by p2design in Training

You will need to have some experienced in blender to take this course as I won't be explaining every single click and as we'll be using some advanced technics. We'll be using blender in 99% of the project.

The use of photoshop will be super limited and can be replaced with any other 2D image editing software.

The tutorial includes :

  • 74 different vidoes for about 17 hours of course.
  • 18 blenders file covering main steps.
  • Free CC HDR, free textures given by textures.com, Matcaps, brushes and concepts from Thiago Almeida

This course covers every single step to create a PBR shaded character with animation friendly topology.

  • Body sculpting
  • Armour and accessories sculpting
  • Full retopology
  • Detail sculpting
  • UVs creation
  • Texture creation (baking/painting)
  • Shading
  • Render and compositing

Chapters :

01-Body sculpting

In this chapter we'll use dynamic topology tools to sculpt our character body with tips to achieve believable anatomy features.

  • File overview
  • Sculpting tools overview
  • Base sculpting of the body

02-Body Retopology

How to deal with character topology to get an animation friendly model.

  • Retopology planning and setup
  • Retopology of the face
  • Retopology of the Body
  • Retopology of the hands
  • Retopology of the horns
  • Eyes and mouth

03-Missing parts and projection

We'll see how to rapidl model teeth and once our character fully retopologied, how to project sculpted details onto the newly created mesh

  • Modeling of the teeth
  • Eye modeling
  • Body projection to multires.

04-Armour modeling

Mixing sculpting and vertex modeling, we'll create each part of the armour.

  • Chest plates
  • Belt
  • Shin guard
  • Boots
  • Forearm plates
  • Shoulder plates
  • Dragon shoulder plates
  • Fabric and leather parts


Let's try box modeling on this one !

  • Sword modeling
  • Shield modeling
  • Dragon handle
  • Leather handle


Mixing sculpting and vertex modeling, we'll create each part of the shield

  • Sculpting the base mesh
  • Retopology
  • Shield accessories modeling

07-Detail sculpting

Let's see how we can detail our mesh now with a final pass of sculpting. Let's understand what technic and tool you will have to use.

  • Multiresolution or dynamic topology?
  • Straps
  • Armour
  • Blade
  • Shield
  • Cloth
  • Refining the topology

08-UVs mapping

How to unwrap a character and correctly organise your UV island with both blender default tools and the texture atlas addon for multiple armour parts.

  • Character UVs (classic method)
  • Equipement UVs (Atlas addon)


When used properly, blender can be a powerfull texturing software. Let's see how to get informations from our detail sculpting and paint some more details and coulours.

  • Textures baking
  • textures painting
  • Textures combined
  • Detailing of the body
  • Armour painting
  • Armour detailing
  • Eyes painting

10-Lighting and shading

Shading is so important as it can break or sublime your character. Let's learn to shade both organic and synthetic materials

  • Lighting setup
  • Skin shading
  • Armour shading
  • Leather shading
  • Shield and sword shading
  • Teeth and eyes shading
  • Diamond shading
  • Lava effect

11-Render and postproduction

The cherry on the cake

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