Studio Area Light Maps + Gobos

by Redbone Studio in Surfacing

What is Studio Area Light Maps?

A high-quality HDR Area Lights Maps pack, enabling an easier, faster, more accurate and creative way to create your own unique studio lighting and HDR textured area light setups.

Put the Reflection exactly where you need it

The significance of illumination in producing a product render that will satisfy your client cannot be overstated. Regardless of the excellence of your 3D models or the stunning realism of your shaders, if your lighting is subpar, your rendering will inevitably fail to meet expectations.

Have you ever wondered why many 3D product renders end up looking boring and uninspired?

The answer is simple - most artists overlook the importance of proper lighting. It's not uncommon to come across visualization images online that have been rendered using flat area lights or other basic light sources, resulting in lackluster results.

But the truth is, there is no such thing as a completely flat area light in real life. Even professional product photographers would never use such a light source in their photography, as they always look for lighting that creates beautiful dynamics in their shots. They spend a great deal of time setting up the lights just right to achieve the desired effect. Unfortunately, many 3D artists fail to pay enough attention to this crucial aspect of product rendering.

Congratulations, you're in luck!

With Smart Area Lights Maps, you can create breathtaking product renders with ease. These light maps are meticulously crafted and designed, The result is a collection of stunning light maps with high-resolutions and perfect imperfections that lend a natural and realistic look to your shiny products.

The basic concept of Studio Area Light Maps is very simple. Drag and drop preset lights where you need them. There is no need to hunt for the perfect HDR textures, or HDRI maps. Now you can easily make your own custom Studio lighting. 

Featuring dynamic light sources in 32-bit, these light maps are perfect for any object and are what professional product photographers would use in their workflows. With Smart Area Lights Maps, you can save time and create professional-quality product renders effortlessly.

When you choose Smart Area Lights Maps, you'll receive a whole host of benefits, including:

✔ 27 premium light sources carefully designed to enhance your product renderings

✔ Compatibility with all common render engines, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate them into your workflow (.EXR Format)

✔ High resolutions starting from 5,400 pixels up to 8,000 pixels in length, providing excellent detail

✔ Natural imperfections that greatly enhance the realism of your product renderings

With Advanced Light Maps, you can create stunning product renders that capture every detail and highlight the unique features of your products.

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