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Stratus, the ultimate HDRI sky creation tool

Create beautiful and realistic skies in just minutes, effortlessly animate them, and enjoy speedy render times. Whether it's architectural visualization, product rendering, or animation, Stratus is the ultimate HDRI sky creation tool for Blender.

Easy to use viewport editor

The viewport editor allows you to create and edit skies easily and efficiently. Real-time feedback gives you the power to quickly generate a variety of sky environments that meet your creative needs.

Animation? No problem

The beautiful cloud scapes you create look even better in motion.

Say goodbye to slow, and hello to lightning-fast

Stratus sets itself apart from other could/sky solutions by using rendering techniques similar to modern day video games. This means that the skies created in Stratus not only look sunning, but they also render lightning-fast.

Using a Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070, I'm able to render in 8K anywhere between 2.5-15 seconds, depending on settings.

Before you buy

Please be aware before you buy, that Stratus is dependent on a part of the Blender API that has been deprecated. This means that future updates of Blender could possibly break Stratus. From what I've read on devtalk, the tools needed to fix this problem are in the works, and when they become available, there will be a patch ASAP.

macOS users
Since Stratus is dependent on a part of the Blender API that has been deprecated, it may or may not work with macOS. I cannot, at this point in time, recommend Stratus for macOS until Blender is updated with the right tools.

Perfomance requirements

Even though Stratus is capable of running on integrated graphics cards, it's very slow, and not a great experience. I would highly recommend having a dedicated GPU.

Future updates

Any update, be that a patch, new features, etc. will be 100% free.

Sales 80+
Customer Ratings 4
Average Rating
Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5
License GPL
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