Sprite Particles For Realtime Vfx With Geonodes

by Madness Lab in Modifier Setups

Sprite particles facilitate the creation of diverse real-time visual effects, this technique, long embraced by the gaming industry is now effortlessly achievable within Blender, all thanks to the integration of Geometry Nodes.
Water splashes, bonfires, smoke and steam, if you wanted to add any of these elements using traditional methods, it would take you hours of baking a simulation, this method requires no simulations or baking, you just need to hit play, change the parameters and you will see the animation change instantly.

No more long baking times

Edit the effects in real time

A wide range of possible FX 

Create complex sequences quick.

Basic GeoNodes version

  • For projects that use the version 3.5.

  • Since it is not simulated it runs smoother.

  • Useful for simpler effects, (bonfires, steam, embers, etc.)


  • 1 GeometryNodes master node (non simulated)
  • Sprite texture UV animator Shader node
  • 3 geo nodes presets (embers, fire, smoke)
  • 2 sprite textures, each with the respective shader (fire, smoke)

    Simulations Nodes version

    • Only usable with version 3.6 or higher

    • Allows use of simulations

    • More options that allow to create more complex effect


    • 2 master nodes (Both with Simulation Nodes)
    • Sprite texture UV animator Shader node
    • 4 geo nodes presets (lava, fire, water, smoke, dust)
    • 4 sprite textures, each with the respective shader (fire, smoke, water1, water2)
    • 4 constructed example effects made with the mentioned objects (turbine, rain, flamethrower, waterfall

      Full version

      • Collection of effects are ready to use.

      • Simplified nodes, easy to understand.

      • Only usable with blender version 3.6 or higher


      • -VFX pack with 17 ready to use effects (3 muzzle flashes, 4 medium gas explosions, 2 big gas explosions, 3 surface hit explosions, 3 dust explosions, 2 water splashes)
      • 10 sprite textures with their respective shader( 4 Explosion, 3 Liquid, 3 Smoke/dust)
      • Geometry nodes Basic Emitter
      • Simulation nodes Emitter

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