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Create snow on selected objects in your scene with a single click. Adjust snow height, direction, shape and detail as needed. Create footprints using any object or collection in the scene.

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Simple Snow option for fast feedback and/or low poly count
Adjust snow height
Adjust snow direction
Snow Resolution (Detail)
Noise Controls
Slope Threshold to limit snow accumulation on surfaces based on slope steepness
Sheltered Areas for keeping snow off from underneath objects
Footprints or any kind of prints using any object or collection

Press F7 to activate, or in Object Mode select it under "Object/Snow" menu.

Version: 1.0.0i

Tip: Snow is a geometry based add-on (not texture based). The add-on can handle reasonable level of complexity in your objects but if you need snow, lets say on a grass field, than it is best to use the ground geometry instead of all the grass objects for the snow creation.

Snow Direction

Loose Part Only (For faster feedback)

Slope Threshold

Sheltered Area

Chocolate Frosting (Material)

Snow Direction

Snow_ES vs Snow

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