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Simple little City Generator is a Geometry Node based system for creating simple little cities. It’s not meant to be intricate or precise. It's just a quick and fun way of generating tiny cities.


Before we continue with the details - making cities is very complex. This little city generator is NOT complex. It’s very simplified. Here's what you should consider before purchasing:

The following is what you CAN expect:


 Building Generation

Buildings are generated by instancing assets and update right along side the road network.

Extrude the street layout geometry and neighborhoods will form.

Control building distance from one another as well as distance from intersections and instancing probability based on building size.

 Tree Generation

Generate greenery based on city boundaries.

Or manually determine the exact area for trees to be instanced.

Control instance distribution based on texture input.

 Road Generation

Control traffic, pedestrians and street lights, their frequency and speed.


 Restrictive Areas

Have manual control over dedicated areas, limiting tree or building instancing. Have counters for the total population and tree count.


Animate the growth of your city using object proximity.


User Manual

This is a .pdf document explaining the various sliders for the Geometry Nodes.

Blender Setup

This is the .blend file that contains the magic. In it you will find:

  • Road, Building and Tree generators
  • 3 Asset collections
  • Additional controls for dedicated areas and animation
  • Tree and City population counters

Quick-start guide

This is a super quick introduction video to the setup to get you up and running

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