Designer Shoes

by Larry3d in Models

Elevate Your Scene with Designer Shoes

Introducing my meticulously crafted designer shoes, encompassing all available versions to provide you with a comprehensive set for your design needs.

Ready for Integration: Import effortlessly into your scene and embark on your creative journey. If top-tier quality footwear assets are what you seek, look no further.

Now Updated for Blender 2.93!


Version 2: Enhanced Performance

- Undergone a complete overhaul to provide you with a unified 4k texture.

- Achieves consistent texel density, ensuring optimal performance.


Version 1: A Vision in Detail

Designed explicitly for visualizations, particularly for online retail showcases. The intricacies of this right designer shoe are sure to captivate:

- Boasts three texture sets and eight distinct materials.

- Vertices: 53k

- Edges: 97k

- Faces: 45k


Purchase with confidence, knowing this is a one-time investment. All future updates come at no additional cost.