by Jim Morren in Surfacing

Welcome To ShaderWorks!

Erm... What is ShaderWorks? 

Well ShaderWorks is a collection of skillfully crafted smart nodes build for making anything from your everyday simple shaders to complex and dynamic shaders.

So... what happened to MetalWorks?

ShaderWorks has replaced MetalWorks, MetalWorks although effective, was too limited, not only limited to metal but also the shaders were too subject focused, making them single-case-use shaders which goes against my purpose for these shaders.

Right oke... but what makes ShaderWorks better than MetalWorks or any other shader set?

In short ShaderWorks is now modular, so you can mix and match to get ANY result you want, the new mask nodes are more flexible and will allow you to use personal texture maps, all the nodes are simpler to use, and the results are prettier.

Can I get this cheaper?

Answer is yes! We here at the Blender Market do sales every now and then, just keep an eye out and check out the Blender Market's twitter and your email inbox, sales can be up to 30-50% off.

What if there's a bug?

I'm not gonna lie and say these shaders are guaranteed to work 100% all the time, if you have a bug, or the shaders don't give the result they are supposed to, let us know, bugs don't fix themselves, and we test every scenario/lighting setup

If you have a bug please report it, send us a message explaining the problem along with the blend file. 

(if the bug is in a commercial project's blend file and can't share it, no worries, try to recreate the problem in a neutral blend file and if all fails just send a few screenshots)

The Features!

  • Shaders:
    • Glass
    • Metallic
    • Plastic
    • Fluid
    • Cloth
    • Translucence
    • Paint
  • Shader Nodes
    • Very realistic
    • Semi PBR (adds some none-PBR options for creative users)
    • User Friendly
  • Nodes in General
    • Nodes aren't flooded with unneeded sliders
    • Nodes have a very clean layout
    • Slider for slider documentation
    • Nodes are very flexible and can create a variety of strange things
  • Enviroment
    • Light Environments with standard .png and .jpg
    • Customize your lighting with environment textures like a pro
  • Masks
    • Reliable edge and cavity masking
    • Compatible with custom textures as long as they are tileable
    • Curvature-map support
  • Experimental Stuff (only reason it's called "Experimental" is the fact it's somewhat harder to use)
    • Parallax Mapping
  • Customer Support
    • Open to suggestions and requests
    • Quick replies to questions and requests
    • Quick bug-fixes

Shaderworks shaders do not work with Eevee

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Blender Version 2.7x
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