Add Buttons To Shader Node Groups (Free)

by smouse in Addons

Add Shader Buttons!

Easily add button inputs to your shader nodes! And not just custom node groups, but even the built-in vanilla nodes! (only in versions less that Blender 3.5)

How to make them functional!

Right-click on the newly created button input > Select "Copy as New Driver" > Right-click any node value you wish the button to control and select "Paste Driver" ...and you're done! :D

Why can't I just connect the button normally like with every other node?

The thing with the button, or "Boolean", is that it's toggle outputs a "True" or "False" state. Not a 1 or a 0, an actual "True/False" String.

For those who don't know, a "string" is basically just a collection of letters, outputted as text. It would be like writing the answer to 2+2 being four. Yes, the answer is technically correct, but four to a computer is not 4. We need the actual numerical value of it's on or off state, and the boolean/button does not give us that, so other nodes that only take in numerical values will not be able to register it as such.

However... Drivers are able to make this translation for us!

Support me on here, or try it for free on my Gumroad!

Police car model provided by Chromfell

Example using my Shaders Plus addon

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