Sd Card

by StruffelProductions in Models

Spice up your product renders with this photorealistic SD Card model!

Add detail to your product renders, messy desks or whatever tech-related scene you are making with this photorealistic SD Card! The model features a all the small details of a its real counerpart, including:

  • Several different stickers for the front

Let it blend into the scene by choosing a fitting sticker! 4 of them are included, but there is also a template, allowing you to quickly design your own one within minutes!

  • A movable lock slider

Every SD Card has such a Slider to lock it, so that no more data can be written on it, therefore it is here as well:

  • scratches on the case, caused by heavy usage

These sort of scratches can be found on a lot of real SD Cards:


Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 7 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License Creative Commons
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