Scifi City Mega Asset Pack

by Mr.Vault in Models

Scifi City - Mega Asset Pack

What is it?

The Scifi City Mega Asset Pack is a collection of around 350 objects of royalty free low poly 3D models that you can use to bring your Scifi-core into life! I inspired myself on a dystopian vision of what a sci-fi city would look & feel like, having convenience at hand, neon lights to guide your path and a myriad of means to travel around! The models are around 200-1000 polygons each for the simpler ones, and around 1000-10000 polygons for the most complex or multi-object meshes. You can find a collection of Buildings, Platforms, a huge assortment of City Decorations, Big Vehicles, Smaller Vehicles for a single-user, Railings, Stairs and Vending Machines.

The Buildings There are 5 main building (Control Tower, an Hotel, a Motel, a Restaurant and a building for living). These buildings can be customized in any way with various different types of assets in order to give them an overall that will make them look & feel incredibly different from one another!

The Platforms All the platforms come with a tall ground for use on a river/sea structure, or you can remove the tall ground and use it as a simple street. The streets on the platforms are made to connect with each other platform in order to create a scifi-polis with numerous possibilities! The street lamps come with a light attached and many of the city decor assets can come into play when decoration these streets.

Stairs & Railings The stairs & railings are an integral part of any city that has several height differences in its cityscape. These can be used either to prevent passage, or to grant access to underground, or higher places in your city!

The Vehicles There are 2 types of vehicles: the commercial ones and the single-user vehicles. There is a giant Zeppelin which can be customized (I made it this way, but you can be creative in your own way and make it look however you like!) that oversees the whole city and gives off a sense of respect and fear. There is a futuristic boat which can be used to transport people and goods from city port to city port. There are small vehicles, which are a drone that comes equipped with a camera. Of course, every metropolis needs a bunch of these to keep the streets clean. There is also a hoverboard which makes for a quick and practical way for citizens to roam around the city streets without fear of wetting their shoes, or electrical devices!

The Vending Machines This asset pack comes with 3 different vending machines: a ticket machine, a drinks machine and a food machine! These 3D models are between 200 and 10000 polygons, making them an optimal low-poly choice between looks and performance. The vending machines come with simple, yet thoughtful materials from the external thick glass, to the neon lights, to the different metallic parts which the machines and some items are made of. Each machine comes with different interiors and assets. The Tickets vending machine has 3 different types of electronical cards which grant various degrees of privileges to the buyers (gold, silver and bronze). The H2O vending machine comes with 3 different futuristic-looking beverages and the interior of the machine has a grappler that can be used to grab your desired beverage. Last but not least the Snacks vending machine. This machine has an overhauled interior with hotplates to keep the food warm, rolling carpets for serving the food and an assortment of snacks!

The City Decor The city decor alone is comprised of around 100 objects that you can be used to decorate any aspects of your scifi city! From ventilations and chimneys, to giant screens and cameras, and many other assets that can be used to be scattered around the city to add depth to your setting!

I sincerely hope that my creations inspire you to make your ideas into a reality!

The native file is a .blend, however you'll find a .fbx, an .obj & .mtl, a .gbl and an .stl file format included with your purchase.

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Dev Fund Contributor
Published 9 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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